Best 200 + Blood In Blood Out Quotes Will Stay with You Forever

Blood In Blood Out Quotes Will Stay with You Forever

“La Onda doesn’t die; it multiplies.”

It’s a code. A code of honor.
You’ve got to live by the code or die by the code.”

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You can’t run from yourself, Miklo. You can’t.”

I never had a father like you did.
but I’m lucky because I’ve got a brother.”

“If you ever forget who you are,
You better hope you’ve forgotten who I am.”

“There’s only two ways you can leave this neighborhood, man. Dead or in jail. That’s just the way it is.”

“Education is the ticket out of the barrio, out of the homes.
But you let me know, man
if you ever need help with those Chicano Studies.”

“You see that pool down there?
I built that with my own two hands.
I put my sweat and my blood into that.
And no one’s going to take it away from me.”

“You want to be a banger the rest of your life?
Think, ese. Think.”

“Life is what happens.
when you’re making other plans.”

“Mi vida loca! The crazy life
It means we are together in this until the end.”

“La Onda’s for life, carnal.
La Onda means ‘we’re all connected.’
Blood in, blood out.”

“It’s a crazy, fucked-up world.
full of crazy, fucked-up people.
You can never save them all.
All you can do is try.
And after you try, just let go.”

“There’s only one rule in the barrio:
You leave or you die.”

“You know, mi hijo,
to get ahead in this world,
You need more than fair play.
You need a crew like the Three Musketeers
always sticking together
and willing to make sacrifices.”

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Blood In Blood Out Quotes Will Stay with You Forever

“It’s not what you did,
It’s what you are.
You know what you’re willing to become.
And, uh, careers like this
They’re not something you choose.
It’s something you are.”

“Do you think that just because you’re leaving,
Your past is over? Well, it’s not over.
You can join the army, the Navy, or the Marines.
You can go to Alaska, Germany, or Africa.
But you ain’t never going to leave La Onda.”

“It ain’t the color of the flag, Carnal.
It’s the color of your skin.”

“I’ve been running around in the world of crime and darkness, but I found out it’s not where a man’s supposed to be.
I’m proud of who I am, and I’m proud of my blood.
And I’m willing to die for it.”

“In the big book,
God’s kind of like the main vato.
You’ve got to live by the rules
or the main vato’s going to come and pull your plug.”

“La Onda, forever.
Blood in, blood out.”

“We’re not enemies, carnal, we’re family.”

“You can’t run from yourself, Miklo.”

“Education is the way out of the barrio.”

“My past is my past.
It ain’t going anywhere.”

“I didn’t come here to make friends.
I came to survive.”

“A true artist can find beauty in anything.”

You’ve gotta have some
heart to be in this business.”

“It’s about pride and respect,
not about colors.”

“Always rise above the bullshit.”

Blood In Blood Out Quotes

“Blood makes you related,
Loyalty makes you family.”

“You can’t change where you come from,
but you can change where you’re going.”

“Live for the moment,
seize the day.”

“It’s a crazy life, eh, carnal?”

“La Onda doesn’t die. It multiplies.”

“I never met a vato.
with tattoos who couldn’t handle himself.”

“Blood in, blood out,
it’s the only way, man.”

“Do it, or don’t do it,
but don’t talk about it.”

You’ve got to check yourself.
before you wreck yourself.”

“We’re family, homes,
The family looks after each other.”

“Carnal, you can change your clothes,
Your style, your hair, but you’re a pinta for life.”

“I ain’t your brother.
I ain’t your family.
I’m nothing to you.”

“A true artist pays the price.”

“You can take the homeboy out of the barrio,
But you can’t take the barrio out of the homeboy.”

“A coward dies a thousand deaths,
A soldier dies only once.”

Quotes blood in, blood out

“Sometimes, you’ve gotta make a stand for your principles,
even if it means you’ve got to suffer.”

“La Onda, forever, forever la Onda.”

“I’ve been in the joint,
but I’m not a gangster.
I’m an artist.”

“Hey, carnal. It ain’t where you’re from,
It’s where you’re at.”

“Education is the passport out of the barrio.”

“Blood in, blood out,
That’s the code I live by.”

“You know what they say,
Blood in, blood out.”

“Do it to it, froggy.”

“The city’s like a prison.
It’s all about money.”

“You can’t be looking for revenge.
and expect to move forward.”

“Blood makes you related,
Loyalty makes you family.”

“A warrior does not give up what he loves,
He finds love in what he does.”

“La Onda, which means togetherness,
It means balls; it means [expletive] the world.”

“crazy life, the life that I live.”

“We’re going to put that on our backs.
and we’re going to ride it to the gates of hell.”

Popeye blood in blood out quotes

“To survive in prison,
You’ve got to know the difference
between right and wrong.
Right is where you want to be,
Wrong is where you’re headed.”

“Without honor,
Prison is just a place to die.”

“You can throw me in the hole.
and I’ll just come back.”

“I feel sorry for your mother.
Hey, she knows what she got into.”

“Do it right, or don’t do it at all.”

“We’re the only Chicanos in the yard.
that aren’t in some gang.
We’re like target practice.”

“It’s not easy to live the vida loca, homes.”

“La Onda doesn’t die, Carnal.
It just reformats.”

“Blood in, blood out, right? Well,
They forgot about the ‘in’ part.”

“We’re going to need a lot
more than luck to get through this,
Miklo. We’re going to need each other.”

“You can’t run away from what’s inside you,

“Live for something, die for nothing.”

“This is a place of opportunity, boy,
but it’s also a place of danger.”

“It’s not about where you were born.
It’s about what you do with your life.”

“You know, it’s funny what a young man remembers.
because I don’t remember being born.
I don’t recall what I got for my first Christmas,
and I don’t know when I went on my first outdoor picnic.
But I do remember the first time
I heard the sweetest voice in the wide world.”

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Life’s a Risk carnal quote

“You break my heart, Spider.
You break my heart.”

“Some people give their lives to something bigger than themselves. Some people give their lives to the barrio.

“La Onda doesn’t die, Carnal.”

“You can’t be what you aren’t.”

“Education is our armor.”

“Only a Crow would play chicken.”

“Hey Spider, you’ve been down the hole.”

“Blood in, blood out; it’s the only way, ese.”

“It’s a crazy life, ain’t it?”

“It’s the only thing that lasts in this crazy world.
Someday I’ll be gone, and someday you’ll be gone,
but La Onda will still be here.”

“Hey, Paco, Did you ever wonder what a bullet sounded like?
Paco: Hey, sure, Cruzito.
I wonder about a lot of things.
Right now, I’m wondering how a guy
who weighs 60 pounds and is soaking wet
with rocks in his pockets can talk so tough.
Cruzito: I’m going to show you, Compa.
I’m going to show you what a bullet sounds like.”

“I’m Mexican, just like you, Ese.
Just like you. And if you move,
I’ll blow your brains out
all over your nice Ivy League suit.”

“Paco: Miklo, this is it! This is your chance, Ese. What are you going to do?
Miklo: You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to tear your fucking hearts out, homes!”

“Miklo: To my mother. Her love and sacrifice gave me the strength to overcome the obstacles that have come my way. To La Onda, because I am an Aztec warrior till I die.”

“Montana: Hey, Miklo. You know, one day, I’m going to be running this thing. You’ll see.
Miklo: Yeah, well, if you do, don’t call me.
I’ll be somewhere drinkin’ to you, from far away.”

Blood in Blood Out Milo quotes

“Magic: Education is the way out, Miklo.
It’s the only way to avoid being abused, man.
Do you know what I’m saying?”
Miklo: Yeah, I know what you’re saying, Magic.
But I ain’t you, man.
I’m a barrio kid from the hood.
You don’t know where I’ve been.”

“Popeye: You know, they say in this world, if you want to survive, you’ve got to be willing to do what the next guy wouldn’t do. So I’ve always been willing. How about you, Miklo?”
Miklo: I’ve always been willing too, primo. That’s why I’m here.”

“Miklo: Just ’cause a fool’s
“Just because he has money does not mean he has class.”

“Montana: You know what’s beautiful, man?
How the whole world can change.
One minute it’s here, and then it’s gone.
And I think a lot about the last words, man.
What would I say if I knew my time was coming?
It’s like a song, like, ‘
What’s the last note?
you wanna hear before the song’s over?'”

“I didn’t have a choice, man.
I was born into this.”

“Cruzito, you’re a ghost, man.”

“The streets? The streets are an illusion.
They suck you in, play with you for a while,
and spit you out.”

“La Onda, forever.
Blood in, blood out.”

“You can’t run away from what’s inside you.”

“We didn’t choose this life, Paco.
It’s just the way it is.”

“We’re all equal in the eyes of the Lord,
But we ain’t equal in the eyes of the people.”

“When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
Do you see the person you were born to be?
Or do you see the person society tells you to be?”

You’ve got to get the tattoos, man.
That’s the only way you can roll with us.”

“You can change your women, your politics, your religion,
But never, never can you change your favorite football team.”

“Mi Vida Loca! The crazy life,
Homey, it’s the only life I know.”

Milo’s blood in blood out quotes

“Cruzito: Is there a difference?
between a vato and a homeboy from the barrio?
Paco: Yeah, a vato loco is a crazy dude from the barrio.
A homeboy is a vato from the barrio.”

“Hey Miklo, roll call, homie. Miklo:
Payasa, don’t be callin’ me no Miklo,
a’ight? I ain’t your homeboy, and I ain’t your homie.
It’s Cruz, a’ight? If you can’t pronounce it, don’t use it.”

“Blood in, blood out,
it’s the code I live by.”

“Hey, carnal, this is my life. This is it.
I ain’t got no family.
I ain’t got no home. This is it.
and I ain’t going to lose it.”

You’ve got to pay the price to be the boss, homeboy.”

“Miklo: You know what they say.
You can take the homeboy out of the barrio,
But you can’t take the barrio out of the homeboy.”

“Cruzito: Blood in, blood out, homes.
Miklo: It’s the only thing that lasts, Carnal.”

“Paco: Sometimes you’ve gotta be a lion.
So you can be the lamb you are.”

“La Onda: It means ‘the wave.’
Once you’re on it, you can’t get off.”

“La Onda is for life, ese.
You in it, you in it till you die.”

“Blood in, blood out,
That’s the only way, carnal.”

“Mi vida loca, forever.”

“You can’t change who you are, Ese.
You can try, but that’s just masking the truth.”

“A true Vato loco can’t be denied his destiny.”

“La Onda doesn’t die, it multiplies.”

Paco’s blood in Blood Out quotes

“We’re bound by honor, by loyalty.
We’re all connected, Carnal.”

“You can take the homie out of the barrio,
but you can’t take the barrio out of the homie.”

“We’re family, blood.
It’s more than just a word.”

“Life’s a risk, carnal.
Either you’re all in, or you’re not.”

“I never met anybody who didn’t have a story.”

“Mi vida loca, my crazy life.”

“Bound by honor, if we’re not loyal to each other,
We ain’t got nothing.”

“Do you want to join the army?
The army of the pissed off,
the army of the exploited?”

“A true artist, in my mind,
You can create anything from anything.”

“It’s not about how much time you spend.
It’s how you do your time.”

“I feel free up here.
I feel like I can breathe.”

“La Onda’s forever, man.
You have to know how to look for it.”

“Hey, Miklo. You know what they say:
Education is the passport out of the barrio.”

“We’ve got to get out of here, eh?
This is like the Twilight Zone, man.”

“Blood in, blood out,
It’s the only way.”

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Blood in Blood Out quotes

“La Onda means you’re family.
You’re in for life.”

“Hey Miklo, you’ve got to pay.
the cost of being the boss.”

“Mi vida loca, forever!”

“We’re going to rise.
like a phoenix from the ashes.”

“You can’t erase what’s in your heart, Carnal.”

“Life’s a risk, Carnal.”

“From vato to suave, that’s how I roll.”

“Paco, you’re going to learn that life is a battlefield.”

“You can’t run from yourself, Miklo.”

“La Onda: The only thing that separates us
From the animals comes our ability to accessorize.”

“I’ve been in the joint long enough to know
that if you’re Mexican, white, or black,
The only color that matters is green.”

“Mi vida loca, I’ve been through the most.
Yet I’m still breathing,
I am still standing on my own two feet.”

“La Onda, like a mighty oak tree with deep roots,
We shall rise again.”

“You can’t erase what you were.
You can only learn to live with it.”

“Cruzito doesn’t need to be nowhere.
near the truth to tell a story.
He’s a poet, man. He doesn’t need to be factual.”

Blood in blood out sayings

“I didn’t come here to take over,
I came here to be a part of it.”

“La Onda, it means to live by the street,
to die by the street.”

“Mi vida loca, my crazy life.”

“Hey Miklo, roll your ass over,
You’re no longer a part of this.”

“We’re going to be carnalities for life,
Blood in, blood out.”

“Cruzito: I wanna get tatted up like a cholo.
Popeye: You’re already tatted up like a cholo,
You’re just a little sh*t.”

“Do you know what it takes to have honor?
Honor is not in the dollar bill.”

“I didn’t come here for the American Dream.
I came here for the Chicanos who struggle.”

“You don’t know what it’s like to be white and
rejected by your kind.”

“The hood has taken you, my brother.
And you’re too blind to even see it.”

“There’s a saying: ‘
If you want to make God laugh,
tell him your plans.’
The three of us had big plans.”

“Hey, baby! Are you hungry? I got carne asada, carnitas, and
I had chicken. Anything you want, I’ve got it.
Anything you want, I’ve got it right here.”

“Puto, you messed with my little brother and Cruzito, and you know what happens then, huh?”

“Education is the key to success.
You know that. That’s why you came to me.
You know, to make your dreams come true.”

“Vatos locos forever, ese!”

Blood in blood out phrases

“You know, this is where you tell me
your sob story about how the big bad
Barrio messed up your head. Boo hoo,
I never had a chance!”

“Blood in, you must answer the questions.
to become a member of the tribe.
Blood out, you must do something that
goes against everything you are, or believe in.”

“I’m not your damn father! You’re a Montoya!
My name is Cruz Candelaria! Cruz Candelaria!”

“When you blend the laws of society with the laws
of the barrio, you get blood on your hands.”

“Mi vida loca, that’s what my tattoo says.”

“La Onda’s the rule. Belong or be bopped.”

“You know what they say: Live fast,
Die young, and have a good-looking corpse.”

“Cruzito: Blood in, blood out, right, Miklo?
Miklo: That’s the rule, carnal.”

“Paco: The other day I found this old bottle of tequila.
There was only one shot left. It reminded me of you.
My life’s empty without you.”

“Miklo: I’m going to survive in this world,
and I’m going to do it my way.”

“Cruzito: Miklo’s going to be a Vato Loco for life.
There ain’t no jumping out.”

“Montana: Education’s the salvation, boy.
You’re the future.”

“Magic: You know, you can never find
your future if you’re always thinking about your past.”

“Miklo: You can’t unscramble scrambled eggs, ese.”

“Hey, you’ve got to pay the price to be the boss.”

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Magic blood in blood out

“Blood in, blood out.
It’s the only way.”

“You can’t run from yourself.”

“La Onda waits for no one.”

“A brave man dies only once.
a coward many times.”

“You can’t change where you come from,
But you can change where you go from here.”

“When you do big things,
You make big enemies.”

“It’s not where you’re from,
but where you’re at.”

“Life’s like a razor,
You pick it up, you bleed.”

“Hey, carnal, it’s not where you’re from,
it’s where you’re at.”

“I never met a true Vato Loco who would run.”

“La Onda doesn’t die, it multiplies.”

“Blood in, blood out.
It’s the only way to become a Vato.”

“Live for the neighborhood,
Die for the neighborhood.”

“A real carnal got to do
what he’s got to do.”

“You don’t know what the streets are like.
You’ve got to learn.”

Big al blood in blood out

“You can take the vato out of the barrio,
But you can’t take the barrio out of the vato.”

“Do it or don’t do it,
but don’t fuck around with it.”

“La Onda, which means to live with style,
To live with respect means to live like a king.”

“Blood in, blood out,
That’s the only way to become a Vato.”

“You know, Miklo, one day life is beautiful,
The next day, it’s not. But if you have the chance,
To make it beautiful, then why not?”

“We’re going to need a bigger altar.”

“Cruzito: ‘And some say he died for his hood.
and some say he died for his art.
but I think he died for his amigos.'”

“I’m not a man without a family.
You have to give up your family to have a family, Miklo.”

“Miklo: ‘I feel like a fugitive.
Paco: You are. Miklo: From what?
Paco: From reality.'”

“You know, my father used to say,
‘If you’re not a part of the solution,
you’re a part of the problem.’
But I never understood what he meant.”

“Paco: ‘Education is the only thing.
no one can take away from you.'”

“Mi Vida Loca”
“My Crazy Life.”

“Blood in, blood out,
That’s the only way.”

“La Onda pays,
La Onda stays!”

“Hey Miklo, roll down your window,
The cops might think we’re friends.”

Magic mike blood in blood out

“It’s a crazy life, eh, carnal?”

“Cruzito: ‘Paco, you ain’t a banger,
you’re a piece of sh*t!’
Paco: ‘Same thing.'”

“I didn’t come to prison to make friends.”

“You ain’t ready for La Onda, home.”

We’ve gotta do something,
Miklo, we can’t let them punk us.”

“A warrior does not let his woman suffer.”

“Your body may be in a cage,
but your mind can be free.”

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