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Friends, when we remember someone who was closest to us, we refresh many memorable moments that we once spent with him through I Miss You Quotes.
This memory is related to a particular person and most of all, we remember that person whom we considered greater than ourselves but who is still far away from us.

I Miss You Quotes in English

I remember you every day but I don’t remember you.
This is my love that doesn’t come out of my mouth.

Missing me, you come like this every day.
And be tormented like this a little bit every day.

The bond of your memory with my heart has never been broken.
Whether we chat or not, I only care about you.

I don’t care if anyone changes.
There was just someone from whom this was not expected.

No goodbye for us.
Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.

I colored every page with your memories.
Ask my books: What is love?

I think I should think of something else too.
But all such thoughts break after remembering you.

I just hugged you in my thoughts.
I hope you felt that pressure.

She asks me whose dreams I see.
Oblivious, she doesn’t know where her memories let her sleep.

You are in my every breath,
You are in my every happiness.
Life is nothing without you, because it’s mine.
You are my whole life.

I have become crazy about you.
While making you my own, I became a stranger.
Remember me once in your heart.
It’s been a long time since I heard the sound of your heart.

Neither you nor the dream came.
Neither a letter nor a reply came.
I missed you, yes, a lot, but.
I couldn’t remember you.

I don’t remember when I smiled.
You remembered; I don’t remember.

Your memories have made a small home in my heart.
Whenever I look at it, it just makes me remember you.

I am right; you will smell the fragrance of my body.
Whenever I remember you, you will delude me into nonsense.

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I Miss You Quotes in English

Not for a moment, not for two moments, I die every time.
Whenever I remember your infidelity,

Now, your memories do not pass through our streets.
It seems that this city has suffered a disease worse than love.

now from our streets.
Your memories do not pass.
feels like this city.
A bigger disease than love.

Remembering you is also a feeling.
It feels like you are with me every moment.

Every time I think about not remembering you,
But only your memories remind me of you.

can never forget your face.
can’t even suppress your memories.
In the end, I will die.
But I can’t keep anyone else in my heart.

Listen, please explain your memories.
harass me like a debtor.

I don’t know how many days.
I come face-to-face.
But I don’t know what will happen at night.
Why do only theirs come?

Sometimes it smells like roses.
Sometimes it stings like a thorn.
of life and your memories.
have the same habits.

No one ever complains.
If you feel like persuading someone,
No one remembers anyone anymore.
If you forget, no one will forget you.

I praise you every evening.
I see you in every dream!
We are crazy about you.
who always wait to meet you.

That moment feels so sweet.
When someone tells us that.
I miss you a lot.

There should be so much impact on loyalty.
Those whom the eyes are looking for should be seen.
We’ll be there in the blink of an eye.
Have you remembered this news before?

You are just like the moon.
Aye, Sanam Noor, equally so.
equally proud.
and equally far away.

I still have my share of time.
I did not give it to anyone, even today, in your memory.
I spent the whole day.

I Miss You Quotes

These desires of mine have become shameless.
Now we start missing you without any excuse.

Please explain your memories.
She harasses me day and night like a debtor.

It’s just a matter of a few days.
Then we will meet and love a lot.

poetry of remembrance in Hindi.
silent night, thousand talks.
last meeting, a thousand memories.

If memories are forgotten by crying,
So no one hides their sorrow by laughing.

how do I prove that?
I miss you a lot.
realize you don’t understand.
And we don’t know how to play.

I wish you could teach me the art of forgetting.
I’m tired of missing you with every breath.

There should be so much impact on loyalty.
Those whom the eyes are looking for should be seen.
We’ll be there before you can blink.
Have you missed this news?

What a wonderful thing it would be if memories were also sand.
He would have knocked him down with his fist or blown him away with his feet.

Today has been full of breath since evening.
bakery is a bakery.
every moment after you.
spent with your memories.

This is not possible in wet rain.
Walk in memories, you are somewhere, and I am somewhere.

Someone remembers me fondly.
Why doesn’t this illusion of mine go away for a long time?

Getting upset like this is a sign of beauty.
The heart is glass; it has a habit of breaking.
I should remind them of me every morning and evening.
They have a habit of forgetting what to do.

You are in my heart and how can anyone else be special?
How will anyone be there in my memories except you?
hiccups say you remember.
But if you don’t tell me, how will I realize?

It is better if some desires remain unfulfilled
When it is complete, the heart becomes empty.

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Love Missing Quotes For Your Sweetheart

We won’t tell you lies.
But we still remember.

I think about this every day.
When will I see you again?

Listen, I have a problem.
You are the solution.

Sometimes you increase your relationship with us in reality as well.
Now there is no satisfaction in dream meetings.

whenever I’m away from you.
Please send me a message with a smile.

My heart aches even today, remembering you.
The one who ruined us is gone.
Now the trouble is gone from him so much.
that we cry just remembering him.

You are the garden of my life.
You are the light on my path.
You are Assam to me.
I have remembered you.
My heart has said that you are.

You are in my every breath,
You are in my every happiness.
Life is nothing without you.
Because you are my whole life.

Your name sounds good with my name.
Like a beautiful morning joined by a beautiful evening.

Without whom I remain lonely, even in gatherings.
How will life go on without him?

We will try to come as soon as possible.
But please remember us in your prayers.

I don’t know how to express my true love.
Otherwise, today you would have been only ours.

This cold night reminds me of you.
You are far away and then again, your breathing is heard.

I am very strong, though.
But I have nothing in front of your memories.

If we print millions of love letters, where can they hide?
Those who are hidden in the heart are remembered.

Love Missing Quotes

The stars are far from the moon.
We are just as far away from you.

We were having fun and getting crazy.
What your memories have done is not good.

Why did you go away from us?
Your memories have made a home in my heart.
Sometimes you remember me.
Sometimes you come into my dreams.
Everyone knows how to torture me.

I feel uneasy these lonely nights.
We cover ourselves with the blanket of your memories.

I never see you in your dreams.
Because your memories lull us to sleep.

He was confident that he would forget me.
We also trusted our hearts and remembered that.

I wish you our dreams come true.
how much we miss you, friend.

I wish it would be like this when I open my eyes and you are mine.
Be in front of me, always be in front of me.

My efforts fail every day.
I remember you as the evening approaches.

be it morning or evening for me.
Just remember your name.

where everything goes to sleep.
At that time, we remembered you.

This memory of you will drive us crazy.
I look in the mirror and you see myself.

I miss you and my eyes fill with tears.
Otherwise, I don’t have the habit of crying like this on everything.

I have become crazy about you.
By adopting you as my own, I became a stranger.
Remember me once in your heart.
It’s been a long time since I heard your heart.

Some people make memories of a picture of a heart.
Parties are organized in the memories of friends.
We are a little different kind of people.
before anyone remembers.
remind them of you.

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Missing Love Story

Why did you go away from us?
Your memories are coming closer to us.
Miss You

We will never let you lose.
If you want to separate, then you won’t let it happen.
I will remember you on moonlit nights.
So those moments in my memory will not let you sleep.

whenever I miss you.
I swear to God, we can’t stop our tears.

We are sad to remember you.
I am just looking forward to meeting you.
no matter how many friends you have.
Only you are special to me.

We remember many people.
But to tell you the truth, I like you the most.

When you come near, you tease me.
When you are away, your memories haunt you.
Everyone understands where we are.
When our hiccups don’t stop at gatherings,

I am missing you day and night.
We used to talk about you.
Used to be happy by sharing sorrows.
I felt good with you then.

Don’t make waves in the ocean of your heart.
Don’t steal your sleep by pretending to be a dream.
My heart hurts a lot.
Don’t torment me like this in my dreams.

I miss you in loneliness.
My heart is drowning in the depths of sorrow.
Don’t look for us in the crowd of the world.
We will meet you in your shadow.

Know what kind of skill that person has.
falls into the eyes as soon as night falls.
Where should I go if I forget her?
He appears at every threshold of my thoughts.

only you all around me.
You sting my life by becoming a memory.

settle my loneliness in your name.
Who will remember you like me?
I Miss You

You are in my breath, and you are in my heart.
How can I forget you when you are my whole life?
Miss You

We can’t forget you, even if we want to.
I can’t steal away your memories.
It is not possible to live without you, even for a moment.
I love you so much, I can’t tell.
Miss You

I praise you every evening.
I see you only in my dreams!
We are crazy about you.
who always waits to meet you.

Sometimes, I Miss You

You will find the treasures of loyalty in ruined relationships.
You will remember my love after me.

Something beats in my chest with my presence.
Now God knows whether it is your memory or my heart.

I feel relieved when I remember you.
How cheap is the treatment for my pain?

I am not proud but I am so confident.
If you don’t remember, you won’t be able to forget!

I miss her. Breathe slowly.
The heartbeat also disturbs prayer.

You do this much work for me while you go.
Keep burning all your memories.

There is nothing in my heart except her.
If I forget him, then what will I remember?

I will cry a lot the day I miss you.
She will say there was a madman who was mad only for me.

Every day is a new trouble, and every day is a new sorrow.
I don’t know when it will be announced that we are dead.

It is not that they are not aware of my waiting.
But the habit of tormenting is in their nature.

My heart is matching your beat.
The passion of your love is speaking in my words.

It’s not that day doesn’t set or night doesn’t come.
Everything seems incomplete when I don’t talk to you.

If I close my eyes. I can see you.
And if I keep it open, your memory torments me.
I miss you, friend.

I keep all the pain of love in my heart.
I keep the memories of your love in my soul, Miss You.

I don’t have anything to say, this is just a request.
Just meet as often as you remember.

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Forever In My Heart Meaning In Hindi

You are a lover who doesn’t say anything.
There are memories of you that don’t go away.

Where did my memory of you come from?
Wherever I look, I see loneliness.

Every new thing is good.
But your old memories are very dear to my heart.

We smile when we think about it.
We tell ourselves a new story every day.
whenever I remember him.
At that moment, we forget the whole world.

You are in my every breath, and you are in my every happiness.
Life is nothing without you, because mine is.
You are my whole life.
Miss you

I don’t get any peace during the day.
The night is also very painful.
Now, how can I tell you that I miss you so much?
Miss You

I hope you get my dream.
That is how much we miss you.

You are in my heart and how can anyone else be special?
How can anyone else be present in my memories except you?

Sometimes I miss them, and sometimes I dream of them.
They come up with countless excuses to harass me.

I hope you also become like your memories.
Neither time nor excuse, I just came.

I wish you a dream.
And let us remind you of our destiny.

I have tried a million times since you left.
Neither the heartbeat of the chest stops nor the memory of you.

There is no canopy.
There is no illusion.
I love it more than the rain.
Your memories have soaked me.

I wish you a dream.
That is how much we miss you.

Remembering you is my hobby.
It’s my job to take care of you.
I must keep you happy.
and loving you is my life.

Miss U Images For Love With Quotes

How long can I be patient without seeing you?
I can close my eyes but what should I do with this heart?

Listen to that heartbeat by touching your chest.
who waits to meet you.

when someone matters so much.
So distance means very little.

It is better if some desires remain unfulfilled.
When it is complete, the heart becomes empty.

I wish a miracle would happen.
So that you come back into my life again.
I Miss You

If I could sell these memories,
so rich a person as me.
There would be no one in the world.
I Miss You

Sometimes there comes a moment like this.
In which yesterday is visible!
Only memories remain to be remembered.
And time passes with everything.

the pain of missing you.
the joy of loving you.
a beautiful reminder of.
I Miss You

We remember many people.
But if you tell me the truth,
then yours comes the most.

Who knows the value of memories?
who erase the memories themselves.
The meaning of memories,
Ask those who live on memories.

Every time I want to forget someone,
We fall apart.

I wish memories would also come with permission.
to settle in the heart and mind.

I think all night that I will forget you.
You are the first thought I have when I open my eyes in the morning.

They won’t let me live and won’t let me die in peace.
Memories will not let you recover from sorrow throughout your life.

Of course, we don’t have anything else.
But when it comes to memories, we are very rich.

Memories prick my heart and there are many wounds.
But it is not in anyone’s power to forget.

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Miss U Both Of You Meaning In Hindi

Distance does not matter to those whom the heart remembers.
There is never any distance from them.

I wish memories were like the weather.
Someday, it may change.

You are so far away that I can’t see.
And so close that you can’t forget a moment.

There is hope for life again in my lifeless heart.
You are your name and your caravan of memories.

whenever I miss you.
We can’t stop our tears.

I keep myself busy with the things I do.
But every time I stop, I still think about you.

Who says those who leave go away?
With every breath, I remember these people who reside in my heart.

The beautiful morning has some effect.
that we remember, and they hiccup.

We don’t need to express our sorrow through tears every time.
Sometimes we start smiling at your memories.

Remembering you is such a small word.
But it gives me immense pain.

We apologize from our hearts.
We are given the sorrow of memories unnecessarily.

When I remember you, I feel sleepy in my eyes.
The knocking again starts waking us up by giving us a new memory.

I thought a lot about forgetting you completely but.
What should anyone do if the heart beats in your name only?

How can these memories of you bear this sorrow?
You are my heart, how can I separate you from it?

The heartaches and cries loudly.
I miss you every time your heart cries.

Miss You More Meaning

Sometimes memories indeed haunt someone every moment.
And this is also true, these memories become the reason for living.

A hoot sounds, but nothing is said.
And the heart cannot bear the pain of these memories.

Your memories hurt, but.
changed my bad habit of forgetting.

We did not keep anything in our hearts.
And memories never come out of your heart.

Some memories have the effect of your flowers.
And some thorns give pricks.

The pain of someone going away is heavier than every pain.
Memories stay in the heart.

You are also worried.
You are there, even in my thoughts.
The only thing missing is.
I don’t have you.

poet to describe his pain.
use countless words.
but I only need three.
I Miss You

If I don’t want to talk to you,.
We remember every moment.
I swear to you.
We love you very much.

Better than spending my life in your memories.
We made your memories our life.

Every time I think of a new way to forget you,
But your old memories did not leave you.

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