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Best Friend Shayari in English:  Hello friends, welcome to today’s fresh and excellent article. In today’s post, we have brought for you all types of beautiful and love-filled friendship shayari, best friendship shayari, and true friendship shayari. Hindi, Life Friendship Shayari, Beautiful Friendship Shayari, Sad Friendship Shayari, Friendship Shayari in Hindi 2 Line, Friendship Shayari Attitude, Our Friendship Shayari, True Friendship Shayari, Beautiful Friendship Shayari.

Friends, in today’s fast-paced world, no one knows when what will happen and with whom, but still, people move forward in their lives by taking precautions and becoming successful in their lives. Let us tell you that in life, it is important to have a relationship to move ahead; without a relationship, no person can ever be successful in his life.

Here, let us tell you that some relationships are created by God, and we and you are sent to this earth, but some relationships are created by us and you in this world as per our needs. The name of one of those relationships is friendship. You heard it right, friendship????????

Someone has rightly said that if you find a good and true friend, he will support you even in difficult situations and make you successful, but in today’s fast-paced world, finding a good and true friend is no less than a blessing. Let us tell you that your friend can be either a boy or a girl.

If I speak from my point of view, a true friend is more valuable than a diamond, which has no value, but sometimes such a situation arises amid friendship that, for some reason and on small matters, people say that your and our friendship is the same. It was until now, and from today on, the friendship is over. Saying this makes the other person feel very sad. It is natural for happiness and sorrow to come into life; they go away on their own after a few days.

It is also a bitter truth of nature that whatever is built today will be shattered tomorrow, no matter what happens to anyone in the world. In such a situation, many people become very sad when their friendship breaks and are unable to express their feelings to anyone. and the friendship of some people supports them till death, so in such a situation, people use Friend Shayari to share their feelings.  You can share your feelings by using friendship poetry.

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Best Friend Shayari in English

Who did not have friends with whom I did not love?
When I was in bad times, there was no friend.

When love leaves your hand.
Then only friends walk, step by step.

In friendship, a friend is a friend of a friend.
Feel it when it’s apart.

The scars the world has given you have met the wounds of time.
We get these gifts from making you friends.

True friends never let us fall.
Neither in anyone’s eyes nor in anyone’s feet.

No matter how many new friends come, it is yours.
No one else can take the place.

We had asked for prayers from the Lord.
Give me a different friend.
He mixed you up and said,
Handle it; this is most precious.

The difference is in your thinking.
Otherwise, even friendship is not less than love.

Everyone loves time, my friend.
The fun is when times change but friends don’t.

Connecting two fingers makes friendship.
That is the beauty of friendship.

I have one wish.
A friend to live with you.
Otherwise, we also know.
That death alone is.

for your friendship.
I can break my heart.
But for your heart.
You can’t break your friendship.

He’s not just a best friend.
The world is mine.

Friendship Shayari in English

Friendship Shayari in English
Friendship is a gust of wind.
Friendship is a name for loyalty.
Whatever happens to others.
For me, friendship is a beautiful gift from God.

Oh, friend, God bless.
May our friendship be so deep.
The handiwork is mine, and the dishonesty is yours.

I promise you will always be friends.
Keep trying; it will not hurt you.
If you ever need it, call from the heart.
Even if you are in someone else’s heart, you will go away.

Shut up for what reason?
We don’t know, but.
Heart sinks.
When you don’t say anything.

Even if you die a stone,
Will fill your pocket too.
We love gifts.
Don’t give up like this.

Most beautiful plant in the world.
It’s friendship.
It does not grow on the ground but in the hearts.

You will have a million friends.
Only I have felt your friendship.

I’m happy till then.
As long as my friend is with me.

Dosti Shayari 2 Line English

Dosti Shayari 2 Line English
For some, friendship becomes a punishment.
Friendship becomes fun for some.
People who are friends from the heart.
For them, friendship becomes a reason to live.

We recognize the lack of friends.
We also know the sorrows of the world.
Have friends like you.
That’s why, even today, we know how to live by laughing.

Only one of your friends.
I am entitled to seven births.
I am your true friend.

It is said that the matter of the heart is not told to anyone.
But friends are mirrors.
And nothing is hidden from the mirror.

A star has been broken from the sky.
A sharara has been given in Alam-e-Tanhai.
My luck also hates me!!
God has given me a friend so sweet.

The ruined settlement by the storm settles again.
Spring comes after every autumn.
But, oh friend, do you know the value of friendship?
Even before dawn comes into your life,

Friendship is not what kills.
Friendship is not even that which gives a smile.
Oh, that’s true friendship.
Who even recognizes the tears that have fallen in the water?

Dosti Shayari in English 2 Line

What can be a greater desire than friendship?
What can be a bigger prayer than friendship?
Whoever finds a friend like you.
What would he have to complain about in life?

Your friendship will create a storm in life.
Your heart’s desires will decorate your friendship.
If your friendship is with you for life,
So we will leave even death behind in friendship.

Love and friendship are my two souls.
Love is my soul, so friendship is my faith.
I will fixate on love my whole life.
But my love is also sacrificed for friendship.

Don’t get angry over small things.
Forgive me if I make a mistake.
Being angry when you break the relationship.
Because that will happen when we leave the world.

The words are written with the heart touching the heart.
This is often said to be an untold thing.
Some people change the meaning of friendship.
And the friendship of some people changes the world.

Whoever can’t understand that thing is us.
We are the night that brings a new dawn.
People leave just by making relationships.
We are with you and will never leave.

Trust Friendship Shayari in English

Trust Friendship Shayari in English
Never destroy the desires in your heart.
Don’t ever make me cry if you give it to me.
Pretend that we are away from you.
Never forget this friend of yours.

Of course, we got to wait for a few moments.
But we have more love than God.
No wish for any paradise.
O friend, we got that love from your friendship.

Getting separated is all a game of luck.
Sometimes hate is a combination of hearts.
Every road is sold in this era.
Only friendship is for sale here.

Not all friends are the same.
Some are not ours even after being us.
Feel free to be friends with me.
Who says the stars are not on the ground?

I don’t know how it will be after a few years.
Who among us all would have said?
Then, if you have to meet, you will meet in dreams.
Like dried roses, they are found in books.

Don’t let your hopes fall.
Don’t let this friendship get you down.
Friends will meet better than us.
But don’t give anyone the place of this friend.

A delicate heart should never be broken by mistake.
Don’t get upset over small things.
There is a little concern if you like us.
So try to ensure that this friendship never breaks.

Friendship should be like that.
If you ever go out alone,
There must be a question in the mind of the beholder.
That’s called the second lion.

One night, God asked my heart.
Why are you so lost in friendship?
Heart said, only friends have given all the happiness.
Otherwise, the heart has always cried over making love.

Best Friend Shayari English

Even our friends are no less than a magical amulet.
As soon as you hug, you take away all the gum.

Your friendship taught us to live.
Taught the crying heart to laugh.
We will be indebted to that God.
Who has merged with a friend like you?

Sometimes it will be dark and sometimes it will be evening.
All my happiness will be in your name.
If you ever ask for something, then look man.
There will be laughter on the lips and life on the palm.

People ask why to are happy even in so much sorrow.
I said whether the world should support it or not.
But my friend is with me.

Touch the sky, don’t look for the ground.
Live life don’t look for happiness.
Destiny will change itself, my friend.
Learn to smile, don’t look for the reason.

A good and true friend is a flower.
Which we can’t even break.
And I can’t even leave it alone.
If you break it, it will wither away.
And if it is left, someone else will take it.

A friend is like my spring.
The heart is like his heart.
We don’t have many friends, but.
I have only one friend like thousands.

The bond of relationships is not called trust.
Not every tear is called an emotion.
Luck meets friends in life.
That’s why friendship is never called a coincidence.

Your friendship has taught me a lot.
It made my silent world laugh.
I am indebted to the Lord.
Who introduced me to a friend like you?

Dosti Shayari English

You have to pray to God.
No one should be found except for your friendship.
Find friends like you at every birth.
Or never get life again.

Our eyes are yours.
Nazar took the eyes off the heart.
Nazar saw Nazar like this.
Let’s not lose this friendship of ours.

Oh God, keep my bail in your court.
Whether I stay or not, keep my friend safe.

Simplicity is no less than any makeup.
The spark is no less than an ember.
This is the difference between your thinking and what else?
Friendship is no less than love.

We have changed our ways of being friends.
But the relationship is still the same.

Those moments are very special.
When we are all friends together.

It is true; try my friends and see.
Do come and see me, for sure.
Gold never changes its color.
Try it on fire as many times as you want.

I don’t know what the value is.
In the words of some friends,
When you talk, you win your heart.

Friends were very tired while caring.
Ever since I was careless, I have been at ease.

We are a little raw in the world.
But we are true in the matter of friendship.
Our truth just stands on this point.
That our friends are better than us.

You are far away from me, and you are also near.
I feel your absence too.
We have millions of friends in this place.
But you are cute and special, too.

I feel your every pain.
I am very proud of your friendship.
We will not be separated until doom; we are two friends.
I have more confidence today than yesterday.

Keep making friends with us.
Keep trying at every turn.
But never be far away.
Whether to keep harassing all your life.

If you are with me, then what am I missing?
I am glad to meet your smile.
Keep smiling, friend, like this always.
I live in your smile.

2 Line Dosti Status in English

2 Line Dosti Status in English
I’m glad you can show me.
The sorrow is just enough that you can hide.
Keep a friend like this in your life.
For which you can smile even in the mood.

I don’t want big men to be my friends.
I try for all my friends to become big men.

Not every happiness is close to the heart.
Life is not far from sorrow.
O friend, cherish the friendship.
Friendship is not for everyone.

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Friends, we hope that you like our friend Shayari.  You must have liked the post on Friend Shayari. If you liked the post on friendship poetry, then please tell us by commenting and also share it with your friends on social media (Facebook and WhatsApp).

Friends, we have  Friend Shayari and Dosti Shayari  related Friend shayari in english, dosti shayari sad, dosti shayari english, Friend shayari love, dosti shayari 2 line, dosti shayari funny, dosti shayari with image, dosti shayari best, Friend shayari attitude, dosti shayari image, Friend shayari photo You must have seen this post. Now let us talk about the benefits of being happy.

Final Word.  Friends, everyone has their way of writing the final word, yet I believe that no matter what the relationship is, it should not be broken over small things. If there is any flaw in the relationship, then it should be resolved by sitting together. It should be taken. If, for some reason, a relationship breaks even against the will, then in such a situation, the person in front gets broken from within, and one who can do that should not take any wrong step in haste. That is why it is said that building good relationships also takes time, and it only takes a few seconds to break them

Therefore, you should give time to your relationships and always try to improve your relationships as much as possible. Even in adverse circumstances, always remain positive and ask others to be positive as well. This will infuse positive energy within you and help you achieve success. Positive energy also circulates inside the person, due to which the relationship remains very happy.


1. What are the benefits of being happy?

Being happy has many great benefits for our body, which are as follows:.

1. Keeps healthy from heart diseases.
2. It makes the immune system stronger.
3. It keeps stress down.
4. Prevents many diseases.
5. Being happy increases your lifespan.

2. What is friendship?

Friendship is a deep and shared relationship in which two people bond and spend time with each other. It is based exclusively on support, partnership, and trust.

3. What is needed for a good friendship?

Good friendships require understanding, support, and truthfulness. You need to support other’s feelings, understand them, and share joys and sorrows with them.

4. How do you make a friendship stronger?

Sensitivity, support, and mutual understanding are important to keep a friendship strong. It is also important to gradually maintain trust and make time for others.

5. Can there ever be trouble in friendship?

Yes, sometimes things can go wrong in friendship. This can be resolved through mutual understanding, open dialogue, and consensus. Problems can be solved only by talking openly.

5. How do you identify a good friend?

A good friend is characterized by his truthfulness, supportiveness, and willingness to spend time with you. He knows all your secrets, provides support, and is with you in difficult times.

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