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Haters 👺 are confirmation that you are doing ⚙ something right ✔.
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Sometimes you ✒ have to chose between turning 📖 the page or closing the book 📗.
Tag : Whatsapp Spl Eng status    Apr-21 by Admin

Don’t run 🏃 after him who tries to avoid 😏 you..!
Tag : Whatsapp Spl Eng status    Apr-13 by Admin

Your 😎 attitude is like a 💰 price tag, it shows how valuable you 🤵 are.
Tag : Whatsapp Spl Eng status    Apr-12 by Admin

Life is not about 👀 finding yourself. Life is about 🤡 creating yourself.
Tag : Whatsapp Spl Eng status    Apr-11 by Admin

A Good Reputation 👑🎓 Is More Valuable Than Money 💰.
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Never Give Up, Go Over, Go Under, Go Around Or Go Through, But Never Give Up..
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यूँ हि नहीं आती ☝ मिठास रिश्तों 😍 में, गुलकंद ☝ के लिये फूलों 🌹 को मरना पड़ता 😔 है ।।
Yun hi nahi aati ☝ mithash rishto 😍 mai, gulkand ☝ ke liye fulo 🌹 ko marna padta hai ।।
Tag : Whatsapp Spl Eng status    Apr-04 by Admin