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Character is a diamond 🔸 that scratches every other ⚫ stone..
Tag : Whatsapp Spl Eng status    May-27 by Admin

Always be cool in every situation because cool mind take right decisions.
Tag : Whatsapp Spl Eng status    May-23 by Admin

Respect is for those who deserve it, Not for those who demand it.
Tag : Whatsapp Spl Eng status    May-22 by Admin

Nothing is prefect but when I 👦 m with u everything is 👉 prefect.
Tag : Whatsapp Spl Eng status    May-18 by Admin

I 👨 try to be a nice person 👔, But sometimes my mouth 🗣 doesn't ❌ cooperates.
Tag : Whatsapp Spl Eng status    May-12 by Admin